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We can’t thank you enough

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Lead Partner £25,000+ (Negotiable)

We truly believe that our challenge is unique and our partnership with you should be no different. We would be delighted to work with you to create a tailored package that meets your requirements.

Some of the potential requirements we feel you would want;

  • Choice of logo locations on the boat
  • Large logo on the front of all team kit in prime position
  • Compant name included on all social media posts and product advertising if applicable
  • Logo on every page of the website

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Partner Plans

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“We as a Team cannot thanky you enough for the help and support for this monstrous challenge. All support will be split between a number of charities and worthy causes. Please view the ‘Mission‘ segment on the home page to see where your support is ultimataly going to end up.

Thank you.”

—Jane Doe

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